Combining Green Coffee Bean Extract and Glucomannan

by Martingr on October 8, 2013

Get a free trial of Green Coffee MaxDieters who are interesting in either getting started with a green coffee bean extract or Glucomannan supplement might wonder if you can combine these two together and what effect it will have on your weight loss.

Not a Problem Combining Green Coffee Bean a Glucomannan

First of all it will not give you any problems combining green coffee bean with glucomannan because they act in two completely different ways when we speak of weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract acts mainly by making your liver burn off more fat and carbohydrates and at the same time slow down the uptake of fats and sugars into the blood stream which overall will create a weight loss.

Glucomannan will make you lose weight simply by acting as an appetite suppressant agent, by increasing the appearance of fibers filled with water in your digestive system.

An Effective Weight Loss Weapon on Your Hands

When you combine these two methods of weight loss together you will have a very effective weight loss weapon on your hands.

The reasons why so many dieters fail their diet is because sooner or later the hunger hormones will take over and make you eat, by suppressing your appetite that will make you feel full and satisfied, will simply block out those hunger hormones and you will avoid craving and panic attack attack that can sabotage even the best weight loss intentions.

You can avoid that by taking green coffee bean extract combined with Glucomannan.

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What Exactly is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is quite interesting when it comes to weight loss because it carries “heavy” appetite suppressant abilities by taking up water in the digestive tract, that will reduce the absorption of carbohydrates as well as cholesterol and that way promote a significant weight loss.

Glucomannan has shown to be so effective that just a very small amount of it will absorb water and turn into bulky fibers in your stomach, that will remove any hunger you might haveand will then be expelled from your body the natural way creating a cleansing effect that not only will help to remove toxins and waste products stored in your colon and digestive system but also will help lower your cholesterol levels,  help to control blood sugar in people with diabetes type 2 and give a great relief to people suffering from constipation problems.

Glucomannan directly from the konjac plant

Does Glucomannan Really Work for Weight Loss?

There are a couple of studies available where Glucomannan have been used either as an agent on its own or on conjunction with Psyllium husk which is a special seed deriving from India and very helpful during constipation issues.

One study published in U.S. National Library of Medicine showed an eight week test where 20 obese subject was either given a placebo or two 500 mg capsules of Glucomannan taken with 8 oz of water one hour before the three main meals of the day. The participants did not change their diet or exercises routine during this period.

The results where quite significant people the group that took the Glucomannan where able to lose 5.5 lbs over the eight week period and their levels of cholesterol and the so called low density lipoprotein cholesterol were significantly reduced as well.

The group did not experience any side effect during this period of testing.

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